Latest Operations Minutes from Michael

Submitted by david on Tue, 10/13/2015 - 10:30

LHCONE Operations Call Minutes October 12, 2015



Mike O’Connor

Azher Mughal

Dale Finkelson

Bruno Hoeft


Bruno Hoeft is preparing an IPv6 Talk for the Amsterdam meeting. Networks that are implementing IPv6 in LHCONE can expect to receive requests for input from Bruno.


CalTech proposed two additional talks for the Amsterdam agenda that touch on Named Data Networking (NDN),

  • Christos Papadopoulos is preparing a talk on NDN technologies and direction

  • Ramiro Voicu <> (Caltech team located at Cern) Is preparing a talk on the NDN testbed and user experience with potential for a demo


LHCOPN, LHCONE, Traffic and Flow data:

The group discussed the traffic & flow content that Ramiro Voicu (Caltech) provided in a talk at GLIF.

If your network is planning on providing traffic and flow data at the Amsterdam meeting please respond to this email thread. If enough networks are willing to provide data then we may bring the data together into an additional agenda item. Don’t let your network be left out.


LHCONE VRF Reachability:

Dale indicated that Internet2 is reviewing transit policies in a general sense and that this topic is being discussed in several contexts in addition to LHC networking. Internet 2 will be in attendance at the Amsterdam meeting as an active participate in the LHCONE VRF transit discourse.