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December 1, 2014



Magnus Bergroth

Ian Gable

Bruno Hoeft

Edoardo Martelli

Shawn McKee

Azher Mughal

Mike O’Connor

Craig Volp

Thomas (DFN)


LHCONE conference agenda at:


M. O’Connor requested that a talk be inserted to provide an overview of testing and documentation for the BGP community based filtering. There were no other recommendations and all talks have speakers assigned and the group considers the agenda complete.


Testing and documenting the BGP community filtering scheme.


A discussion of the limitations of the BGP filtering scheme was discussed, private ASNs, and statically routed institutions don’t facilitate this capability.  This situation was acknowledged by the attendees on the call and a realization that current policy does not address this aspect of service provisioning and needs clarification.


Organizations interested in participating in the testing and documentation of the BGP filtering capability should send email to the LHCONE operations list. ESnet and KIT have committed to the effort so far and look forward to broadening participation.


PerfSONAR software V 3.4.1

Provided by S. McKee


The URL with all the details for perfSONAR is at:


There is a subsection a ways down on the page for "Install/Updates".   


For LHCONE we had a minor issue to deal with.   Some LHCONE perfSONAR instances are neither OSG nor WLCG and we needed to be able to 'register' them.  To do this we created a new LHCONE instance in OSG's OIM system and registered the Internet2/ESnet/Geant instances there.   This allows us to use those instances in new "mesh-configuration management" tool written by OSG.  This GUI tool allows the creation and updating of perfSONAR meshes using the perfSONAR registration information in OIM ( or GOCDB( ).   For right now access to the GUI tool is only provided to a few administrators for perfSONAR.


The new OSG system provides a nice feature for registering the appropriate mesh-configurations for the toolkit systems.   In the past users needed to put in a mesh-configuration URL for each mesh their site participated in.  If meshes changed or were added or deleted, the sites needed to change their configuration.  With the OSG mesh-configuration sites need only add a single mesh-URL and OSG will provide them with all the mesh configuration details they need for each mesh they are a part of.  Here is an example for my perfSONAR instance.  The /opt/perfsonar_ps/mesh_config/etc/agent_configuration.conf file needed only this addition:




     validate_certificate 0

     required 1



The '' should of course be replaced with the FQDN of the specific toolkit instance being configured.