Latest Operations Minutes from Michael

July 1, 2013, LHCONE Operations call

Dale Finkelson
Edoardo Martelli,
Joe Mambretti,
Mian Usman,
Tony Barber
Bruno Hoeft,
Artur Barczyk,
John Bigrow,
Mike O’Connor
I2 and GEANT working on a performance issue regarding transfers from DESY, IN2P3 and INFN toward the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL).
The initial investigation shifted traffic between the Geneva to Chicago and
Frankfurt to Washington links without measurable effect.
Mian will forward ticket info to Tony Barber
Solicit production VRF connection examples from successful sites.
Mike O’Connor will pursue successful architecture input from LHCONE connected sites as input to the LHCONE connection document.
Status of the LHCONE Cisco 6500 in Starlight
-       Connection inventory
-       Plan moving forward
Joe Mambretti is inventorying all the connections to this fabric and will create a plan to move these connections to the Starlight switch fabric.
We all acknowledged the importance and value of this device in supporting the initial stage of the LHCONE and now that the network has grown and achieved success it is time to migrate.
The group also re-iterated our intention to continue maintaining Bill Johnston’s LHCONE map in an accurate and up to date fashion.
The scheduling of the next meeting will be a primary topic of the next architecture group call on Monday July 8. The P2P/SDN working group has a need for more frequent workshops in order to speed development in key areas. The integration of these workshops into the LHCOPN/LHCONE meetings as well as separate P2P/SDN workshops will be discussed.

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