LHCONE Architecture Meeting Notes from Artur

present: Ian, Xavier, Fernando, Thomas, Ramiro, Lars, Bruno, Bill, David, Artur

Paris meeting preparations:
Bruno would like to add a brief discussion on the use of GGUS ticketing
system in LHCOPN. How much is it used, if at all?
Will add to the LHCOPN agenda on Monday morning.
Lars: for the LHCOPN point-to-point discussion need to specify what we
want to achieve, time plan, next steps, site selection etc.
We also need to clearly scope out the demo.
[please also see Bill's mail re demo procedure draft.]
David: there was the idea of having a presentation about the
experiments' models for 2015 and beyond. Edoardo had a speaker
shortlisted, [Artur] will check.
Xavier: SDN/openflow - interest within the GEANT GN3+ Openflow task
to work with LHCONE is rather limited. But Xavier will bridge
contact to the task leader. We'll keep an eye on this GEANT activity
as we go.

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 05/28/2013 - 08:49