P2P Meeting In Geneva Minutes by Inder

The main goal between now and June LHCONE meeting is to come up with a demo architecture with networks and sites participating in the demo. Here are some next steps in discussion to meet that objective:

a. Both ATLAS and CMS expressed interest to be part of the initial proof-of-concept demo. We need to choose a few sites in US and at least one in Europe (leveraging engagement of application guys in ANSE project already). CMS application developers want to first target TO->T1 like transfers, before moving to the more complex T2->T2. So best if to choose T1/T2 sites in US, and at least a T2 site in Europe. CMS is installing a test instance of PhEDEx that can be used for this purpose: Michael Ersnt/Tony Wildish to drive this with Artur and ANSE project. 
b. Build a full mesh of static circuits whose bandwidth can be increased/decreased based on application/workflow needs: R&E networks & end-sites affected based on decisions above to share their possible NSI v2.0 deployment plans. How does ScienceDMZ/DYNES/CC-NIE installations play into this picture?
Alternatives to be considered if timeline too late
c. Bandwidth used is a portion of the bandwidth used for VRF infrastructure today as it has capacity available.
d. Routing infrastructure for this circuit infrastructure to be discussed. A couple of alternatives include migrating portion of VRF's over the circuits on the participating sites, with options to shift the routes over to the current VRF infrastructure if something happens to circuit infrastructure due to experimentation. TBD - engage routing experts with LHCONE
e. The right level of API/abstraction discussion between application guys and network folks to design the right interface into the circuit infrastructure. Try and address concerns that circuits are complex to deploy and debug.
Continue joint application guys and networking experts meeting in CERN. ALICE especially is of the interest to do clever optimizations with information from the network and co-scheduling resources
f. Decide the right metrics and experiment to quantify if and how circuits help applications since there is divided opinion within the group. The experiment needs to be designed properly. TBD
Please feel free to add to this email or ask questions, since I might have missed something or not following all the discussions.

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 11:35