Latest Architecture Minutes - Mike O'Connor

LHCONE Operations call  minutes May 6, 2013. 14:30 UTC

John Bigrow
Bruno Hoeft
Michael Ernst
Dale Finkelson
Ian Gable
Joe Mambretti
Joe Metzger
Mike O’Connor
Scope of the Trans Atlantic demo for the June LHCONE meeting.
While the 100G TA prototype network may have long-term implications for the future of the LHCONE architecture, it has no direct bearing on the LHCONE network within the timeframe of the June LHCONE meeting.
The proposal for an LHCONE P2P test-bed using a static mesh of dynamically modifiable circuits was proposed in a presentation by Inder Monga at the May 3, LHCONE P2P meeting in Geneva. We discussed the associated high-level goals on the call today and arrived at the following conclusions.
1.      Choose a few sites that have folks with the desire to experiment with P2P circuits.
         We will form the working group for this proposal at the June LHCOPN/LHCONE meeting.
The remaining two goals should be discussed at the June meeting following the identification of the sites participating in the working group.
2 .     Build a static mesh of P2P circuits between the sites with close to zero bandwidth.
3.      Use NSI 2.0 for dynamic control and modification of circuits.
Michael Ernst suggested that it may be advantageous to encourage the participation of the existing set of US ATLAS P2P connected sites, since the mesh is largely already built.
Traffic engineering on existing TA circuits discussion.
The next TA traffic engineering call will occur on Tuesday May 14, we’ll send out an invitation to both LHCONE lists prior to the call.
We will create a page on the Cern wiki under LHCONE for this effort.
Presentations for June LHCONE meeting.
The following presentations were proposed for the June meeting.
1.    LHCONE Flow Analysis – Speaker M. O’Connor
2.    Control Plane Experiments with OpenFlow on the large-scale Geni tesbed – Speaker J. Mambretti
3.    LHCONE P2P test-bed – P2P proposal discussion and solicitation for participants. Speaker TBD
4.    TERENA 100G and Multipath TCP testing results. Speaker TBD

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