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- Site Provisioning Guide Draft 1.0

- Trans-Atlantic Circuit VC
- LHCONE Architecture workshop agenda
Site Provisioning Guide feedback
Request to clarify the rational behind the recommendations.
As a response to the technical issues faced by some sites
Should there be two types of LHCONE site, each with similar but distinct provisioning guidelines?
Suggested Rolls:
Compute Center
Research Center
Research/Compute Center
Trans-Atlantic Circuit video conference
There will be a VC to discuss the current Trans-Atlantic link setup on 30th April at 16:00 BST. The agenda is to discuss the current setup of the TA links and how they are being used, what mechanisms are being used to select a path where there are multiple paths available and how does these mechanisms affect the utilization of links.
The purpose of the VC is to write down the detailed setup of current GEANT and ACE trans-atlantic links and how they are configured in GEANT, Internet2 and ESNET sides and to identify if there are any optimization issues due to the existing setup and if there are any ways we can improve the current setup.
Joe M. Suggested that the participants submit what they are doing and what their optimization goals are.
Architecture discussion
The agenda items for the upcoming LHCONE P2P workshop.
NSI status.
Request for face to face discussion time on the requirements documents.
·       Remote i/o scenario
·       White paper
Edoardo provided:
Here are some possible items for the agenda's workshop:
- update on activities since last Workshop (NSI, Autogole CMS/Atlas development...)
- presentation of the Whitepaper
- understanding and definition of requirements
- definition of possible scenarios
Here is the pointer to the (still empty) agenda page:
The rooms are booked for the two whole days, but we haven't defined the start/end time. What about:
Thursday 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30
Friday 9:00-12:30?
Michael Ernst suggested that there be enough time in the agenda for in person discussions of the requirements documents.
Bill Johnston requested that the requirements definitions be reviewed, discussed and better defined. Of particular interest are the remote i/o scenario requirements.

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