Latest Architecture Minutes - Artur

present: Edoardo Martelli, Tony Barber, Ronald van der Pol, Joe Mambretti, Ramiro Voicu, Bill Johnston, Dale Finkelson, John Bigrow, Bruno Hoeft, David Foster, Lars Fischer, Artur Barczyk

Joe: KISTI installed racks and equipment at Starlight, upgraded
     the link to Korea to 10G. LHCONE is on of the intended
     main users.
Artur: Will close the poll for 2nd point-2-point workshop's date
       on Friday. Please cast your vote this week.
       Sounding out the interest in an Openflow mini-workshop.
       Intent would be to discuss openflow technology between
       network and application developers.
       Could profit from presence, and append to Point-to-point
       workshop (with a separate agenda).
Lars:  should avoid confusion with the Point-to-point workshop.
Tony: last week's issue with the two 10G links (ACE/GEANT) between
      Geneva and Chicago revealed that information is missing
      about these links in the detailed LHCONE map. He'll provide
      the necessary info to Bill.
Next call: March 18.

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 08:38