Latest Architecture Minutes from Artur

present: Joe Mambretti, Bill Johnston, Josh Reely,Shawn McKee, Ramiro Voicu, Ronald Van der Pol, Edoardo Martelli, Bruno Hoeft, Artur Barczyk

We had a brief call today.
A skeleton agenda for the December meeting has been
set up by Edoardo, and contains information on hotels in
the area. It is advisable to book early.
Proposals for presentations should be directed
to Lars, Michael, Edoardo or me.
We'll keep the fortnightly calls, but will
make decision on whether to postpone a particular
instance in the week before a scheduled call.
In two weeks many of us will be at SC'12, hence
the tentative date for the next call is Nov. 26.

Submitted by David Foster on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 17:24