Latest Architecture Minutes - Artur

Participants: Josh Reilly (?), Edoardo Martelli, Fernando Lopez, Mike Oconnor, Mian, Dale + Eric I2, Bill Esnet, John BNL, Joe Mambretti, Jerry Sobieski, Lars Fischer, Wenshui, David, Artur.

Eric: we'll be aggressive on interdomain SDN, will put together
something for January [LHCONE meeting].
Lars: will organize a meeting at CERN for the P2P WG. Define the
problem, what kind of workflow with the applications... The meeting will
happen at the same time of the December GDB, on the 13th or 13th/14th.
There's a doodle for it, please vote
Goal of this meeting: ask the application people how to integrate with
their applications, understand their workflow.
Wenshui: when designing the solution, please take into account the large
latency with Asia.
Lars: update on GLIF meeting.
- At GLIF Eric talked about SDN and Openflow implications for GLIF. it
seems there's an open window to influence the vendors, so we have to act
now. A task force was put together and will produce something before the
next LHCONE meeting.
- Lot of progress in NSI. NSI was demonstrated in alive demo. A new demo
will be shown at SC12. It's time to go to operations with real services.
Lot of progress also on monitoring.
- Progress on the topology management in OGF.
Jerry adds: there was a workshop about how to integrate NSI and SDN.
Improvement in NSI version 2: adjustement of parameters, extensions for
topology definition.
New NSI demo in SC12. Hope to show interesting applications.
Dale about Fall member meeting:
Meeting with Jim Williams to talk about Openflow; 15-20 attendees. lot
of interest.
Next step: have some hardware installed, connect to Surfnet. Geant is
also interested in connecting.
Lars AOB
Bruno has a small testbed to define p2p circuits from KIT-T1 to
Nordunet. Interested in connecting to the US. [discussing with Artur,
Lars, Tangui and Eric. Could use USLHCNet, connecting to DYNES (Ed.)]
Artur: meeting next monday will be about LHCONE operations, chaired by

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