Latest Architecture Minutes - Artur

Present: Edoardo, David, Mike, Joe, Lars, Shawn, Tony, Mian, Bruno, Josh, Ian, Michael, Artur

Ops related:
- Mike: SLAC will be connected this week
- Edoardo: MIT will correct their configuration.
           Only LHC-related subnets will be announced
           to the LHCONE.
Ops-related updates and issues will be discussed
in the future in the Ops group's meetings. See mail
from Eric.
(There will clearly be overlap in participation.)
David: need to clarify the mandate of the architecture group.
Lars: its' the 4 activities defined in Amsterdam
Artur: what is development/pre-production now
Joe: should be 4-step process: design, development, test, ops.
[The first 3 are within the scope of this group.]
Lars: it was agreed in Oslo that it's important that the
      point-to-point activity involves all stakeholders (networks,
      sites, experiments). A meeting aiming at bringing all
      parties together will be organized around Dec. 10.
      Location: CERN.
Edoardo has kindly prepared the twiki pages for the
activities in the architecture group (c.f. his
mail to the mailing list).
Next meeting: Oct 15, 2012

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 11:20