New LHCONE Operations Group - Eric Boyd

At the last LHCONE face-to-face, we (Eric and Roberto) were assigned to kick off the LHCONE Operations discussion (LHCONE Multipoint Service) separate from the LHCONE Architecture discussion (future services / research topics).

We propose that the LHCONE Ops group be structured as follows:
No more than every 2 weeks.
Membership structure
Chair (rotates every 6 months)
Project manager
An engineer from each ops group
A rep from each experiment
Standing Agenda
1) Operational Issues
2) New connections
3) Traffic management / Utilization of circuits
4) New circuits
5) Special projects / New features
      e.g. BGP communities way to drive them to closure
      e.g. Coordinated monitoring / measuring environment
      e.g. Developing documentation for T2 sites for the basic & essential technical setup and what type of equipment
      e.g. Review / clean up documentation on
We propose to move this discussion off and on to For now, please email Artur or Edoardo directly (see CC line) to be added to that list.
We will call the first meeting in the very near future, once we give folks a bit of time to reflect / comment on this note. (Although this initial email was sent to both the ops and architecture lists, further discussion should be sent to only.)

Submitted by David Foster on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 13:23