Latest Architecture Minutes - Artur

We had a very short meeting, with Joe Mambretti, Eric Boyd, Bill Johnston, Tony Barber, Edoardo Martelli, Azher Mughal, David Foster, Ian Gable and Artur Barczyk present.

Artur: Oslo agenda is taking shape, please have a look and send suggestions to me (there's one or two time slots available)

Eric: is AGLT2 waiting for enabling the BGP peering? will check with Dale

Bill suggested to review the 5 activites as defined in Amsterdam. Artur will add to the agenda on Friday.

Joe will send updated Starlight diagram to Bill. Same for Azher (reflecting connectivity changes to USLHCNet and AGLT2/MSU done at Starlight)

Next call will be in *two* weeks, August 27, at the usual time.

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 08/14/2012 - 09:31