LHCONE Architecture Meeting Notes from Artur

Participants: Mike (ESnet), Tony (DANTE), Roy (AGLT2), Artur (USLHCNet)

We had a brief meeting with only few participants (travel and vacation
time, I presume).
- Mike has been working with FNAL on the ACLs. FNAL is actively filtering
  prefixes, i.e. new prefixes announced to LHCONE might be blocked
- GEANT and ESnet are about to establish peering at WIX
- The BGP communities approach is recognised as problematic on large scale
  => requires discussion at the face-to-face meeting in Oslo
- GEANT Geneva-Chicago 10G wave soon to be operational. Tony to verify if
  it's 1 or 2 circuits after all. (just seen he did, see his mail to the

Submitted by David Foster on Sun, 07/15/2012 - 19:47