LHCONE Architecture Meeting Notes from Edoardo

Attending: Eric Dale I2, Thomas Canarie, Hubert DFN, Mike Esnet, John BNL, Ian Triumf, JoeM Starlight, Magnus Nordunet, Wenshui ASGC, Bruno KIT, Edoardo CERN

JoeM: Joe and Dale are working on an architecture to better aggregate
the multiple flows coming to Starlight from Europe. They will circulate
a document to the mailing list.
MIT announce issue - Dale: they are working on a fix.
John BNL: tomorrow BNL will activate the LHCONE connection. Will start
7:00AM. Dale suggests to verify with I2 that the BNL prefixes are
correctly received.
Mike: Esnet will implement BGP prefix filters and ACLs towards their
connected sites. Those filters will allow only packet from the declared
prefixes. Where to declare those prefixes?
Edoardo: it should be on the CERN twiki page
Hubert: the page is not up-to-date; we need to set up a workflow for this.
Edoardo will send an email asking the VRFs to keep the list of prefixes
up to date.
Dale: Following Ian request, I2 is working on setting up a perfsonar
instance in the I2 domain
Mike and Dale set up a  peering between the I2 and Esnet VRFs in WIX.
Dale: if people has any comment on the P2P document, please send to the

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 06/05/2012 - 10:23