Latest Architecture Minutes - Dale

Mike O'Conner Joe Mambretti Ronald van der Pol Bill Johnson Azher Mughal Joe Metzger Dale Finkelson

The request by Cal Tech to peer was noted. Dale will follow up and make sure Tom has all the information he needs.
Dale indicated he has been working on both the appendix to the Multipoint Svc. Description and the Point to Point one. Both will be forthcoming prior to the meeting.
Mike pointed out that there were some 4Gig peaks last week. There was substantial inbound traffic to BNL. There also seems to be some asymmetric routing occurring. He will send a note to the group about getting that on the agenda as a topic area for discussion.
Joe Mambretti requested that the agenda, even in preliminary form, get published very soon. He also said he was going to do a presentation on GLORIAD as a part of the agenda.
There was some conversation about whether BNL was noticing any issues with any of the transatlantic circuits. Mike was going to look into it a bit more.

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 04/10/2012 - 10:47