Latest Architecture Minutes -Edoardo

Present: Bill, Dale, Mian, Joe, Michel, Gerben, Edoardo (any one missing?).

Status of ASGC? Unknown. Bill will follow up.

Bill will talk with Joe Metzeger and Phil Demar to see if it is possible 
to get pinger metrics. Not sure what to ping though.

Dale: between MANALN and Geant the two links NYC-Ams have been changed 
to be WANPHY, so they no longer go through the core director in NYC. 
Also in Amsterdam they are directly connected to the router.

Mian: Geant is establishing a peering with Nordunet in Amsterdam.

The Multipoint VLAN in Netherlight will be commisioned next Wednesday.
Gerben will contact the affected VRFs.

Esnet is peering with Stanford in MANLAN, but no route is received.

Michel: VLAN allocation strategies proposed by Esnet; any opinion? 
Follow up on th mailing list.

Esnet is working on the LDP/RSTP on the way the circuits are routed
internally. The solution can be presented in Stokholm.

Submitted by David Foster on Wed, 04/04/2012 - 06:29