Latest Architecture Minutes - Artur

present: Dale, Eric, Joe Mambretti, Mike, Bill, Ian, Thomas, Gerben, Mian, Edoardo, Magnus, Erik-Jan, David, Artur

Bill has sent out a new version of the connectivity diagram. If not already
done, please send comments/updates to him.
ESnet is peering with CERNLight at MANLAN.
Using a BNL test prefix, traffic (PS generated) exchanged with
sites in Europe (Mike did send a graphite plot of BNL-Naples test
SLAC is looking very much forward to improved connectivity with EU
through LHCONE, want to enable it as soon as possible.
Ian: TRIUMF will connect in a couple of weeks.
Gerben: Netherlight x-connects two vlans between (SURFnet and USLHCNet)
- one
for CERNLight-Internet2 and one for CERNLight-ESnet.
ACE link between Netherlight and Starlight will have capacity allocated
for multipoint/VRF support. In parallel with supporting point-to-point
The Netherlight-NORDUnet link is in place since last week.
With the growing number of vlans, it will be useful to have a listing on
a twiki. Edoardo will create the twiki page, please send him updates on
vlans used).
Wenshui reports that ASGC is ready to join testing - at Starlight and/or
For simplicity we'll start with one connection first, at Starlight.
Wenshui will
discuss details with Joe and Dale.
GEANT will deploy a 10G link between Geneva and Starlight, dedicated
Dale has sent a v11 of the service description document. Will be discussed
on next call, in the meantime please forward comments/changes to Dale&Eric.
Also on next call, Eric will report on the monitoring/diagnostics for
Mian will investigate how to make monitoring information in GEANT
available to all LHCONE. Dale will check on LHCONE-specific monitoring
at MANLAN and WIX. Will continue montoring discussion next week.
Next call: Monday, March 26th, 16.30 CET, 10.30 ET, 7.30 PT
(note Europe is back to summer time then, and we resume with the usual
time slot!)

Submitted by David Foster on Wed, 03/21/2012 - 14:45