Latest Architecture Minutes - Artur

present: Eric, Dale, Erik-Jan, Edoardo, Thomas, Ian, Mike, Roberto, Mian, Shawn, Joe Mambretti, Magnus, Ronald, Bas, Artur

Due to the change to summer time in the US, we'll start
next week's meeting one hour earlier (for: ?, against: 0, absent: ?):
10.30 ET, 07.30 PT, 15.30 CET, 14.30 BT
Comments/questions to the Multipoint service document:
- Erik-Jan has sent several comments to version 8, some of
   which are incorporated. Eric will check, as will Erik-Jan.
- figure 3 shows a mix of physical and logical links, needs
   to be made consistent with figure 2
- Q: how does 3rd party routing and community strings work together?
- Mian's comments I couldn't understand for bad audio quality,
   but he'll write it up and send to Eric/Dale.
Separate document outlining the dynamic services should
follow soon. Dale has an initial draft which he'll circulate,
can share editorial duties with other interested parties.
[NSI activity leaders ?]
Diagnostic service: Erik-Jan: Good document, would profit from
a good comprehensive introduction.
Also here, please send comments/corrections to Eric/Dale
by Wednesday.
Further communication about the diagnostic service through
the lhcone-operations mailing list (as agreed in DC, this includes
monitoring). If you're not on the ops list, but would like
to receive ops/diagnostic/monitoring e-mails, please
let Edoardo or Artur know.
AOB: May meeting (Stockholm) travel information will be posted ASAP on
the indico
Action item: everybody - send comments/corrections to the documents
to Eric and Dale by Wednesday. Eric/Dale: re-circulate draft by Friday.
Next meeting: Monday, March 19, 15.30 CET / 10.30 am ET / 7.30am PT

Submitted by David Foster on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 12:38