Latest Architecture Minutes - Eric Boyd

Attendees: Mian, Eric, Edoardo, Ian Gable, Gerben, Tom, Ronald, JoeMetzger, Michael, Roberto, Dale, Bill J., Azher, Mike O'Conner, Joe Mambretti, Bruno, Sandor, Erik-Jan

Participant Round-Up Status:
CernLight -- connected to GEANT in Geneva, waiting on ManLAN connection.
NetherLight -- we are working on connection to MAN LAN (hopefully this week)
     Gerben / Dale in discussion.
     Routing still in discussion.
GEANT -- shut down 2000 and 3000, connected to CernLight, establishing
connection to NorduNet, waiting on ESnet for connection to Fermi and BNL
NorduNet -- Plans to be present at both Netherlight (and connect with
GEANT) and connect to GEANT, I2, and ESnet in MAN LAN ... working on
this tomorrow ... first distributed Tier 1, later Tier 2s
     Dale: MAN LAN sending stuff to them
ESnet -- NY with 3 peers, Chicago prepped, Fermi in progress, looking to
receive routes from BNL
I2 -- MAN LAN complete, DC links back up so we could expand into DC,
need to expand into Chicago, need to start getting prefixes from sites
that can to get them in routing table (starting with Chicago, Michigan
on high on the list)
Starlight -- ESnet is working with Fermi, 6506 will be dedicated support
for service (connected to MREN, which is connected to UMich, UChicago),
GEANT LHCONE link into StarLight is coming, also provisioning 5410 to
support data intensive science
     Dale: Get routes from those links.
CANARIE -- A few weeks to establish VRF. Establishing a second 10G for
Triumpf. First site is UVic, Triumf, in a few weeks.
Diagnostic: Call for action / comments by Erik-Jan. Reply by next
Monday. Silence = assent. ;-)
Service: Call for action / comments by Eric. Reply by next Monday.
Silence = assent. ;-)

Submitted by David Foster on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 17:16