LHCONE Architecture Meeting Notes from Artur

Present:    David, Mian, Ian, Ronald, Eric, Dale, Joe Mambretti, Gerben,

                    Edoardo, Lars, Ramiro, Artur
Dale has sent a first draft of the service definition document shortly
before the meeting. Comments/edits are welcome.
Joe: Services need to be abstracted from underlying technology.
Ian: will meet with CANARIE to clarify how the Canadian sites
         will be connected.
Gerben: will contribute the part on Netherlight
Joe: GLIF GOLE @ Starlight is missing. the E1200 will be phased out,
         replaced with the MX960. A Ciena 5400 is also installed.
Lars: shouldn't mix VRF and Point-to-point (Layer2), separate
          documents preferred for clarity
(all): General agreement that 3 separate service description documents
          will be written: multpoint, point-to-point, and diagnostic (Eric)
Edoardo: CERNLight will connect to GEANT in Geneva, and to I2 at MANLAN
         through either USLHCNet or SURFnet.
Edoardo has prepared a reduced set of BGP communites, on the twiki.
Comments are welcome.
Next meeting: Monday, Feb. 27th, 16.30 CET, 10.30 ET.
   We'll use the Internet2 audio bridge:

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 15:18