Arturs notes from the Architecture Meeting 9 January 2012

Present: David Foster, Roberto Sabatino, Gerben van Malenstein,

         Dale Carter, Richard Hughes-Jones, Mian Usman,

         Erik-Jan Bos, Ronald van der Pol, Edoardo Martelli,
         Joe Mambretti, Eric Boyd, Dale Finkelson,
         Joe Metzger, Bill Johnston, Ian Gable, Wenshui Chen,
         Azher Mughal, Sandor Rozsa,  Bruno Hoeft, Julio Ibarra,
         Xavier Jeannin
Eric Boyd presented the draft document (circulated before the
meeting) on how VRF could be implemented in North America.
The picture in the document is intended for overview and not
meant to be exhaustive, some links (netherlight-GEANT, USLHCNet,
etc.) and intermediate networks (e.g. MREN) are missing.
Internet2 will proceed with the implementation this week.
Please send comments regarding the NA VRF implementation
to Eric and Dale F for update.
A short discussion followed on the use of the ACE CHI-AMS,
USLHCNet as well as potentially other resources: ACE will make
part of the CHI-AMS circuit available for the VRF implementation.
The USLHCNet NYC-AMS circuit offers dedicated capacity.
It is also important to not forget that one of LHCONE's goals continues
to be to make efficient use of all available resources, and this
needs to be reflected in the architecture document.
A TE scheme to achieve this needs to be defined. This is a policy
question, not architecture or implementation.
There's the obvious need to keep a distinction between architecture
and implementation documentation. The latter needs to include
details on all resources used. Bill offered to continue updating the
detailed diagram of LHCONE physical connectivity.
While Mian will continue as the main editor of the architecture
document. This should encompass the EU, NA and other regions.
The agenda for the Berkeley meeting will include
time for each of the activities defined in Amsterdam.
Please send me a mail if you wish to be added on the
agenda with a particular topic.
Next call: *Tuesday*, Jan. 17, 10.30am ET, 16.30 CET
(PLEASE NOTE UNUSUAL TIME due to Martin Luther King Day.)

Submitted by David Foster on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 10:50