Strategic Milestones of the LHCONE Architecture Meeting

From Edoardo:

The LHCONE architecture WG met last in week in Amsterdam and made important progress in defining the way forward for the LHCONE. Important milestones have been set, aiming to have a reliable,basic service by the next LHCONE general meeting (end of January 2012) and a more advanced service before the LHC restart in late 2014.

The current Shared VLAN setup will be discontinued and replaced by a routed VPN (Virtual Private Network); the underlaying infrastructure will not change much, but sites may have to change the way they route their traffic into the LHCONE.

The LHCONE architecture WG is now working on the VPN architecture design and will soon invite sites to re-connect.

Presentations given at the workshop can be found here:

More detailed minutes will soon be posted there too.

Submitted by David Foster on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 14:45