LHCONE Mentioned in SC11 Press Release


High Performance Research Projects Advance Through New Interoperable Transatlantic Network Services

Technical and strategic collaboration between GÉANT, ESnet, Internet2 and other partners to help underpin data-intensive projects such as Large Hadron Collider

Submitted by David Foster on Thu, 11/17/2011 - 13:22

Latest Architecture Group Minutes from Artur

Present: Roberto Sabatino, Thomas Tam, Magnus Bergroth, Bruno Hoeft, Sandor Rozsa, Ian Gable, Rob Evans, Chris Spears, Joe Metzger, Ronald van  der Pol, Bram Peeters, Mian Usman, Bas Kreukniet, Erik-Jan Bos, David Foster, Artur Barczyk


David: necessity to move traffic off general purpose IP network is not as urgent as it was, plus ideas about use of emerging technologies; raises the question "what do we want to do": introduce something new and build it up, or put up a production infrastructure quickly?

User feedback: WLCG, at the latest oversight board, does not see an immediate problem from "doing physics" point of view. Therefore, LHCONE is encouraged to lay solid foundations for long-term future.

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GEANT 2020 Expert Group Report Released!

Some (by no means all) Key Findings:

Increase Innovation and push the state of the art

Offer high speed edge services, end-end circuits on demand

Involve users in governance and strategic decisions

Collaborate with industry


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Last LHCONE Meeting

The last LHCONE meeting showed up an issue that is the current topic of the architecture group.

Namely, how manageable, and for how long, is the multiple VLAN approach.

Secondly, how much in a hurry are we to declare a "production infrastructure"? If we can wait a bit we can explore some emerging technologies to native L2 networking.

The LCG oversight board has encouraged us to take the best long term solutions and not be too "short term" sighted. For the moment, the general purpose IP networks are serving as the production infrastructure for Tn-Tn networking not otherwise covered by the LHCOPN and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Next architecture discussions are this week.



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Greenstar from Bill St Arnaud


As you may know the Geenstar network has been rapidly expanding around the world with nodes in Iceland, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Banff, San Diego, Cario, Shanghai, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, etc

Greenstar now runs entirely on OpenFlow.  For more details please see

At yesterdays’ meeting we also agreed to look to move Greenstar to full production in the coming year with a commercial partner, initially to serve as an “emergency” cloud.

Submitted by David Foster on Wed, 09/14/2011 - 14:23

Status update from the latest architectural group meeting

Chaired by Edoardo.


Participants: Edoardo Martelli, Gerben van Malenstein, John, Roberto Sabatino, Dale Finkelson, David Foster, Sandor, Rozsa, Bill Johnston, Thomas Tam, Phil Demar, Joe Mambretti.

*Discussion on Bill's diagram*

Bill: It gives indication where resources and intermediate points will be.  It would be good to have at least two sites per Exchange point.

Gerben for  Netherligth: NL-T1 will connect with one 10G.  The Netherlight switch is a Nortel and will be upgraded to Ciena.

The links GEant-Surfnet and Surfnet-CERN are both one physical connection carrying both vlan.

Edoardo for CERNlight: PIC (1G) and CERN (10G) already connected.

Submitted by David Foster on Wed, 08/31/2011 - 09:24

Status update from the latest architectural group meeting

From Artur. Status updates:

- Starlight configuration with vlans 2000 and 3000 has been discussed and will be implemented soon. UNAM (Mexico, Alice Tier1) will connect to LHCONE

  there two separate paths for each vlan are being set up. 6506 is ready for use for LHCONE. Patches to MREN and ESnet are in preparation.

  Dale is working on the Internet2 connection to 6506.

- USLHCNet's module for use in LHCONE has arrived in Amsterdam, will be installed on the 29th.

  Sandor has implemented SNMP monitoring of the BIRD route server.

- Netherlight: GEANT received HW for connection to Netherlight, proceeding with implementing the x-connect.

Submitted by David Foster on Thu, 08/25/2011 - 14:39


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